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Form Viewstate
A simple introduction into ASP.NET's viewstate.

The site offers a variety of controls and classes for the .NET developer, including a TraficMonitor for ASP.NET sites.

Common Errors When You Debug ASP.NET Applications
This article provides a list of articles that describe some of the most common problems you encounter when you debug ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio .NET.

Tons of cool utilities

Programming Microsoft Outlook with Visual Studio .NET
This site contains articles if you are interesting in developing Outlook applications.

Form-based Programming in ASP.NET
This presents a general overview of of ASP.NET development.

File Encryption
An application that encrypts files.

Dave Wanta's everything you wanted to know about email site.

A Simple C# Compiler
This article shows you how to compile C# code within your own application.

The .NET Show
The .NET Show keeps you up to date on the cutting-edge technologies that can make a difference in your Windows and Web applications.

MSDN Magazine
This link has all the current and previous articles from the MSDN magazine. This is the premier journal for Microsoft Windows developers.

Deploy Your .NET App
This article contains information regarding how to create a setup package for deploying your .NET application.

Lutz Roeder's .NET Site
This site has a bunch of really cool programs that help in investigating IL as well as several useful utilities and games.

ASP.NET Testing
NUnitASP is a tool for testing ASP.NET web pages. It's a tool meant to do unit testing for developers.

.NET Decompiler
This website has a product that allows you decompile an application in C#, VB, or C++.

Allows you to debug all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet.

Cool ASP.NET server control to add menus to your web application.

C# Design Patterns
This site contains some real-world programming solutions using software design patterns.

.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process
This is a good book on .NET design patterns. Written by a Microsoftie with a strong J2EE background.

Platform Invoke
Really cool site about handling platform invoke.

C++ to C#
What you need to know to move from C++ to C#.

Migrating ASP code to ASP.NET
Cool tool for migrating ASP code to ASP.NET in C#.

Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers
This link contains recommended guidelines to encourage consistency and cross-language integration.

Popular cross-browser HTML editor for ASP.NET

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