Creating a Repository

Creating a Repository

If you want to track your own project, create a repository:

  1. Create your project (or create a new directory)

  2. In Windows Explorer, right-click in the directory and select Git Init here


    From the command-prompt, go to the directory then:

    C:\your-project-directory\> git init

  3. Run C:\Program Files\GitExtensions\GitExtensions.exe or from the command-line type: gitex

  4. Click on Edit .gitignore

  5. Click Add default ignores (This is for Visual Studio projects)


    If you you are doing some other type of project click on "More gitignore patterns" and copy from there based on your project.

  6. Click Save

  7. Click Commit

  8. Click on each file and stage the file

  9. Click Commit

NOTE: This will only store file history locally.



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