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C# Foundation
Class Syllabus


Some programming experience in C, Visual Basic or some other structured language.

Class Length

36 hours

Class Text Book

Microsoft MOC 2124C
Additional Reading: Programming in C#, 2nd Ed, Jesse Liberty, O'Reilly

This class will introduce you to C#. You will be shown the syntax and usage of the various C# programming features as well as learning the concepts of object-oriented programming. The topics include the basic data types, conditional statements, looping, objects, arrays, classes, properties, inheritance, virtual methods and properties, and exception handling. Additional topics that can be covered include indexers, abstract classes, statics, structures, and sealed classes.

This is the gateway to all the other .NET classes. It includes a total of twenty practical exercises and two hands-on projects.

At the end of this course the student will be able to read and write C# programs.