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C# Fundamentals of Programming
Class Syllabus


Absolutely none. We assume no programming experience.

Class Length

30 hours

Class Text Book



This course is designed for beginners. We will start from ground zero, teaching you logic with Scratch, and slowly move into C# with plenty of simple and increasingly difficult problems as well as advanced problems for those who want to go ahead.

This course will familiarize you with software development in general, and .NET development in C# in particular. You will learn how to use Visual Studio and its debugger to thoroughly understand what the program is doing.

The course intent is to prepare students for further coursework and future employment in software development via practical experience with modern software development tools and strategies and foundational concepts of computer science. You will learn how to write, debug, and deliver many programs.

Each class will have an outline for what will be taught during that session. It is very interactive, with lots of mini projects to be done in class.